modular shooting range

Module shooting range block system can be constructed by installing a starting (shooting block) and closing (energy absorbing block) and assigning any number of interconnectors (intermediate block) between them to build up a closed shooting range.

The blocks have a width of 6,300 mm, a height of 3,000 mm and a length of 2,900 mm, so that the design dimension of the facility can be extended every 2900 mm.

energy absorbing block

intermediate block

shooting block

LED panels

The HARDOX-covered decompression space, with 5 firing positions, is capable of reliably shooting tasks.

Shooting stands
/5 independent shooting stations with service table/

Entrance sluice door

Powder extinguisher

LED panels

Safe, weapon storage

DAD Charge-Discharge Bullet Trap

Air technology /Fresh air page/

Safety glass wall, surveillance cab 

Double sluice gate

GHI lamella energy absorbing system with anti-roll cover

Extract air treatment system

The structure has a sound insulation of approximately 80 dB and is therefore suitable for installation in a qualified area.
Its foundation does not require any environmentally damaging construction activity, it can be mounted on a suitable ground screw. Thus, its demolition is entirely possible.

The installation can be scheduled with 1-2 hours of operation time per block after the area is sorted.


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