container range

1. container unit

Fresh air supply side engineering

Entrance sluice door

2. container unit

Outdoor camera system

Exhaust system
Ventilation outlet with multi-stage air filtration system

40 ‘HC Container (2400 * 12000 * 2900 mm) rebuilt with unit-free shooting range. Container units can be sorted to create any execution surface. Suitable for safely conducting tasks with a caliber-independent handgun.

Outer shell

Sound and heat insulation layer

Internal anti-roll layer

Internal anti-roll layer


Shootin stalls

Weapon and ammunition storage safe

Indoor airflood surface on the fresh air supply side

Target mover controller tablet

Thanks to innovative solutions, in any environment, can be installed and commissioned in about 2 hours.

Execution solutions:

– Recruitment block (7, oo m shooting range) 1 single 40’HC container / 2 shooting position build up to a truck
– Basic GHI-MCR (2o, oo m shooting range) 2 pcs 40?HC container / 2 shooting position

Expandable with 12, oo m increments

– GHI-MODUL MCR with 5 firing positions, with any range, min. 6 m long shooting range width
– Digged into the field, GHI-BUNKER MCR

Foldable tactical firewall

Mobile shooting stalls / parapet

Powder extinguisher

Foldable tactical firewall

Personal protective equipment

Execution solutions

Boundary structure 40?HC container with open end in tunnel system. In the case of doors, it is characterized by shooting distances that can be classified by mechanical joints and can be expanded with 12 intermediate blocks. The basic module is the MCR firing position block, the MCR energy absorbing block and the MCR tunnel block.

Shelling under the container cover, unique-enhanced noise attenuation GHI shot-free tunnel lining. This structural design with an internal HARDOX cover prevents the firing of projectiles from any hand weapons.

Target movement system

The security system of the container unit opens with a double sluice gate, which is controlled from the inside by the shooting leader. Surveillance of your environment is supported by external and internal camera system.

Inside, there are custom storages for weapons and ammunition used in current shooting. The shooting positions, with mobile rolling tables, can be varied steplessly in any section of the shooting range.

Its air handling system provides AIRVENT type, 4ooo cubic meters of fresh air supply, draft-free flood system, cooling-heating function. The extraction on the energy absorbing side, filters out all harmful firing factors, freeing the outside environment of the shooting range from dirt.

Anti-rechoshet baffle

GHI Lamell energy absorber

Tactical metal target

Inner armored steel layer

A unique target movement system enables the execution of programmed, active and passive shooting tasks.
Suitable for spatial movement of target surfaces, hit detection and evaluation, task variations with unique lights.

The lighting system of the shooting range is suitable for simulating daytime, nighttime and dim light conditions for any corporate, firing training tasks. Uniquely suitable for night vision practice.

Laser Shot simulation and sharp tactical shooting system

In the cross section of the shooting range, training task specific equipment can also be adapted. We provide firing screen, tactical wall, cover, firing plate, metal target and other custom equipment.

We also offer a unique, virtual training system. The LASER SHOT system is suitable for interactive training and weapon handling skills exercises, simulation and live fire weapons.


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